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Missing Words

Or, things I should’ve said and didn’t

Today I received some not-so-good news: my Grandma is very sick and weak. To write that doesn’t have all the true weight of the situation. Suffice it to say, it’s serious.

So, here I am, in Virginia, trying to head off a tail-spin while my Grandmother is in Michigan, sick. And my only thoughts are: I should’ve shared more of my life with her and now it might be too late.

Grandma: these are for you. I’m sorry I didn’t share sooner…


Central Vigrinia Ruby Enthusiasts Group (CVREG)

Richmond’s Premiere Ruby Users Group

I have “officially” stepped down as the principal organizer. I, kind of, stepped in around October 2008 and, after 5 years, it’s been a blast. But it’s time for me to hand over the reins. Thankfully my group is filled with a lot of great folks; I’m confident the group will continue to grow, continue to get better, continue to be a great tech-community citizen.

I’d like to share some memories…

Smalltalk Reboot

Smalltalk, Seaside; Final Answer!

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been struggling with BF3 Squad, my Battlefield 3-focused web application. I had selected the technology stack: Padrino and Postgres, briefly considering RailsAPI and Ember.js. I had a Look and Feel loosely defined; I even started writing up an HTML mock-up. But I wasn’t happy with my progress, or lack thereof.

But…it’s all about to change again…

BF3 Squad Update

Progress has been slow, real slow. Sadly, I’ve wavered back and forth between Padrino and Rails API + Ember.js. However, I’m going to stick it out with Padrino! I may have some help now. The learning curve was one thing that held up my progress; the other was futzing over the UI/UX (which I still don’t have ironed out).

But I think I want to share some of my notes on the UI…

Personal Project Continued

I’ve started to put some of the technology pieces together, but I’m still, very much in a prototype-, spike-mode. Per usual, I’m kind of stuck on the visuals for the website. I know what I want; I’m just not sure how to get there from here.

InK - Interface Kit

Personal Project - Post 1

I’m going to start building my personal project and I thought I’d share a few details about it.

First, it’s going to be written in Ruby (of course).

Second, it’s going to be built using Padrino. The initial website is going to be small and I don’t need everything that comes with Rails. I first thought of Sinatra, but then I remembered hearing about Padrino. I started reading the Guides and became excited at the prospect of building a website with it.

Third, largely because of Padrio, I’m going to use Sequel as my ORM. For my initial implementation (or so I’m planning) my Postgres database will just be a place to hold JSON data. While I do have relationships within the structure of the JSON, I’m not going to persist them.

Fourth, I hope to regularly blog about my adventures. Although I didn’t document my research phrase, I do/did plan on documenting the construction phase. I’ll get into more details as the implementation progresses.

Project Vision

Ok, I think it’s time I shared a little bit about the project. My goal is to construct an application to help Battlefield 3 players “level up” through the ranks, the classes, and the myriad unlocks for weapons and vehicles.

There’s a fabulous stats site, as well as Battlefield’s Battlelog and even their in-game progress tracking. My site, in presenting the stats data in a slightly different manner, aims to compliment those resources.

Also, if all goes well, there’s even a mobile version planned. In fact, the mobile version was to be implemented first until I thought, “let’s make this a website first to test the theory.”

Look for Post 2 in the coming weeks.


BF3Stats & an Idea

BF3Stats is a wonderful website that is part of a group of websites that track gaming statistics for various video games, one of which is Battlefield 3! And, since getting involved with Battlefield 3, I’ve discovered a lot of folks routinely use BF3Stats. In fact, Better Battlelog, a browser extension that enhances Battlefield’s Battlelog, utilizes BF3Stats for many of its features.

If you love numbers and stats, you’ll love this website.

“But wait! There’s more!”

Battlefield 3

This is going to be a quick post, mostly to let you know that I will be blogging about my Battlefield 3 adventures.

I’m getting better! But I still consider myself a Noob. However, I’m getting some excellent support from Battlefield G+ Community. They’re posting excellent content.

Ok - that’s enough for now.


Cherry Picking Multiple Files With Git

Yesterday I was tasked with moving over a ‘feature’ from one branch into ‘master’ for eventual deployment, ahead of the rest of the planned features. And, I think, normally, this isn’t a big deal, especially with git. However, my challenge involved several iterations of this ‘feature’ and several changed files over a period of time.

Cherry Pick Time?

It’s Alive!

Welcome Back!

I can’t believe my last post was back in March. A lot has happened since then. A lot is happening now.

For one thing: you can now access this blog at:

The other thing: I’ve been playing a lot of Battlefield3 lately. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll blog about my adventures.

See you soon…