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beCamp Day 1...

beCamp is on!

Tonight is the first night of something the promises to be like “summer camp for geeks” (thanks Jim for the phrase). It started this afternoon at 17:00 (5:00 PM for you civilians); I was late because I left work late and had to pick up the t-shirts. Yeah baby! There are t-shirts!

The event is taking place at Fry’s Spring Beach Club here in Charlottesville, VA. I don’t know the history of the venue however it appears to be have been built in the early 50’s - wood everywhere, glass panel doors (I’ll be posting flicks of my time here).

So there was a round of introductions; very cool. The entire room had to introduce themselves and either say just three words or a haiku. I chickened out and went the three-words route: “No Haiku Tonight”. After that the flip boards were brought out.

Thanks to the direction of Erik Hatcher and Eric Pugh the crowd was given the ground rules of this open source/self-organizing conference. Basically the entire group enumerates the topics they would like to either learn about or lead a dialog on. Very cool - a conference where the attendees set the sessions they’re interested in - Very cool, indeed.

So the flip boards are out and the markers are flying back and forth. A ton of good topic ideas appeared in a matter of minutes. I added one: Smalltalk ;-) I’ll try to take a photo of the flip boards. After the flip board exercise we had a brilliant presentation of Blacklight by Erik Hatcher. It took too long because it held up the band.

Dudes! Live Music! Music by geeks for geeks.

I’m totally stoked about this event. Here’s to a successful unconference and well wishes for many more. Check back for more coverage!