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beCamp Day 2...

Session 1: Functional vs. Procedural Languages

Just finished the first session! It was totally cool. It started out as a Functional vs. Procedural Languages talk. Admittedly a lot of us were like, “Huh?” The cool thing: the session was submitted by a non-programmer and upon leaving the session he remarked, “I learned a lot!”

The talk was all over place because that’s how we directed the dialog.

Session 2: Amazon Web Services, Facebook Platform, REST Api:

Anoop did an awesome job showing off the Amazon WebServices support. He used a home-grown application using a Ruby library to access Amazon. Most Cool. Sadly I was taking pictures of the rest of the sessions and missed a good deal of his presentation. I’ll have to ask him about later today.


I had lunch with my old boss although Sticks Kabobs was provided (I had some before I went to lunch ;-) ).

Session 3: Facebook Platform and Dabble db:

I came late to this session. Lunch ran long with the old boss. Talking about Old Times. It was interesting when Jamie demoed DabbleDb. The demo was well received and generated some good questions. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to create a DabbleDb app soon. No excuse not to given you can get a 30-day free trial and/or a lifetime free, public app.

Session 4: Scaling Rails:

I wish I had paid attention while Anoop was giving this talk. I was too busy looking to a power source to juice up the battery of the ol’ laptop. I did overhear Swiftiply and Mongrel and EngineX and FastCGI. Unfortunately there aren’t any details to tack onto those terms.

Session 5: Sitting this one out:

I’m sitting this one out. I ate too much for lunch and now it’s nap time. ;-) However, I did a quick side-bar session walking through the VW environment; nothing special because nothing prepared.

My Brain’s Full

I didn’t go to the last session either. I’m exhausted. This was great fun and I’m looking forward to attending another BarCamp-style Conference.Cheers!P.S. I plan to write more about beCamp; I’ve just arrived back home and I’m beat.