Get Off My Lawn

Adventures of a Curmudgeon

Can You Believe What This Guy Is Saying?

Over the years I’ve said many things and heard many things. What follows is some of my favorites:

Riffe’s First Law:

Nothing is as easy as it should be.

Various Daily Zen Entries

When the mind is properly adjustedAnd quietly appliedThe Way is attainable;But when you are too fervently bentOn it, your body grows tired;When your body is tired, your spiritBecomes weary.When your spirit is weary, your disciplineWill relax, and with relaxation ofDiscipline, there follows many distractions.- Sutra of Forty Two Chapters

Believe nothingbecause a wise man said it.Believe nothingbecause it is generally held.Believe nothingbecause it is written.Believe nothingbecause it is said to be divine.Believe nothingbecause someone else believes it.But believe only what you yourself judge to be true.- The Buddha

It is a great misfortune for thoseEngaged in learning to take theSayings of the sages as mereVerbal exercises.- Xue Xuan (1389-1464)

In the very ultimate,Rules and standards do not exist.Develop a mind of equanimity,And all deeds are put to rest.Anxious doubts are completely cleared.- Seng T’san

If you understand the answer clearly,There was no Buddha before youAnd there is no Buddha to come.- Mumon

Words cannot express things;Speech does not convey the spirit.Swayed by words, one is lost;Blocked by phrases, one is bewildered.- Mumon

To attain knowledge,add things everyday;to obtain wisdom,remove things everyday.- Lao Tzu

Your ability to achieveis limited onlyby your capacityto adapt to new situations.