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Mel Riffe in 2008 - Living Large and in Charge...

So what do I have planned for myself, career-wise, in 2008? Smalltalk and Seaside.

I’m going for the Gold and not settling for anything less. Once I get my About page filled in with some content you’ll notice that the first five years of my career was spent writing Smalltalk applications - most fun I’ve ever had in my career. I want to experience that again. And I believe the time is now.

Admittedly I still like Rails and Ruby. However, why should I settle for Ruby when I could be working in Smalltalk? In fact it is my Smalltalk experience that allows me to be productive in Ruby; many of the ideas and concepts are directly influenced by Smalltalk (or so it seems to me)

So while I’ll continue to look at and play with Ruby and Rails, I’ll be focusing my energy (and more of it as the year moves on) towards Seaside and Smalltalk.

Wish me luck. Cheers!