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Kicking Off FaceBook Application Project...

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on my Rails-based FaceBook Application.  Yes, I said Rails.  I’ll be releasing details as soon as I decide how and where to do this.  Might be this site.  Might be my PBWiki site: Ka-Blam! [The PBWiki sites might be disappearing too].  I decided I had better get organized and get motivated if I’m going to do Rails/Seaside development; the application is small enough, complex enough to be interesting and will be fun to port to Seaside.

I plan to document my entire progress, no detail too small.  However for my project plan I’m not sure where I’m going to document/track my ad-hoc Product and Sprint Backlogs.  Right now I’m tracking them in a NeoOffice Spreadsheet, works quite well too.

The MB will be my primary development machine.  Should be interesting - already ran into two problems: 1) busted ssh and 2) busted mongrel.  I know, I know - Google’s my friend.  I already have those items in Sprint 1.

So today is Day 1 of Sprint 1…