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Scrum! Solo-style...

To stay on track, or at least remember where I left off, I’ve decided to employ a modified Scrum Methodology for my Facebook Application. Because I am the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Team all rolled up in one I don’t have a traditional Product Backlog or Sprint Backlogs. I’m still using the Excel Spreadsheet model albeit modified for my purposes; I’m actually using NeoOffice since I plan to do all of the development on my MacBook. :-D

So in my workbook I have 5 tabs: Project Data Sheet, Sprint 1-4.  On the Project Data Sheet I’ve listed details about the application I want to write, technology details, questions I need answered, links to online resources.  I also listed the Sprint Themes.  Because my application has only one function, right now, I decided to lay out my Sprints such that my application is iteratively built.

For each Sprint tab I have a place to enter my tasks and my estimates.  I also have a place that displays the total remaining hours for the Sprint.  Plus I added a section that contains links to online resources - I particularly like that because it helps document my application.  However, what I don’t have is a burndown chart or a set number of days for my Sprint.  I’m the only one working on the application and not in a full-time fashion.  I’m not really concerned with my velocity since I know it will vary from day-to-day, week-to-week.  What I am interested in is what tasks and how much time remain for a given Sprint.

I’ll try to post some screen snaps since I now have a new tool: Snapz Pro X.

P.S. The daily stand-ups are a trip - I’ve had to reprimand myself several times for no progress.


Update: Here are two screen snaps:

Project Data Sheet Sprint 1