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After a bit of time off on a side project I joined, tonight, at the CVReg code jam, I updated my development environment and jumped back in. However it wasn’t a smooth re-entry.After a fresh check out my rake db:migrate failed. And now I know why.TIP: When you delete models from the application in addition to updating your tests, make sure you’ve checked your migrations!In one of the migrations there was some code to preload some dummy data. Works fine when the model file is there. I had to create a local copy (which won’t get checked in of course). However after a consult the offending code was removed - not the migration file - just the offending code.I’ll be sending an email to our dev list requesting some guidance on the issue: should the model be restored or should the migration be removed.I would suggest periodically doing a rake db:migrate VERSION=0 followed by a rake db:migrate and then running all your tests just to be sure your environment is stable.Cheers!