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Going Back to school...sort Of...

One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love to learn new things. I’m always reading and asking questions; I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know something or don’t have the necessary skills to perform a task. I also enjoy mentoring others. I particularly enjoy the social aspect of learning/teaching, but I digress from my intended point: Books!

I used to buy a lot of books, a lot of technical books. If you’ve been to my home I have a bookcase filled with, now, out-dated books from Visual C++ (oh god i can’t believe i just admitted i know c++) to Java 1.1 to Visual Basic Algorithms (thanks jamie!). However I also have, in my opinion, timeless tombs: GOF Design Patterns, Mythical Man Month, Analysis Patterns. I love to read. Might also explain why I have so many feeds in my feed reader (a much slimmed down 251 feeds).

When I started this career, my life-long hobby, I was actually going to school to learn the hardware side of computer technology. I had, and still have, a fascination with robotics. I just knew I was going to build robots. However, I fell in love with Assembler. I displayed aptitude in my programming classes: Pascal and Fortran. It was in fact my Fortran Professor that brought me on board to my first professional development gig; he had hired in recently and had asked me if I was interested in joining him. I’ve been writing software solutions ever since; this was back in August of 1993.

I was recently made painfully aware of my lack of formal CS education. Which is fine. I don’t know it all (though I act like it). A list of authors was rattled off (I recognized The Don [as in Knuth] and Design Patterns was mentioned) of which the majority I didn’t recognize. So I asked for the list. I wanted to start reading - so I can have a new set of questions to ask. Crickets!

I hdan’t received any feedback and decided to start with Google and work my way down to something useful. And something useful is what I found! Over on E7L3 I found the following: - Online Computer Science Books - Classical Computer Science Texts So I’m going back to school! A sort of unofficial correspondence school. I’m way excited. And I already know of a couple of friends to help me with the “big” words.

Oh and one other thing: For the naysayers out there - you won’t keep me down because you don’t power my dreams.