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Making a Plan and Checking It Twice...

I was recently made painfully aware my Rails skills are suffering. I need a plan of attack to get and keep my skills sharp. What am I going to do? Well here it is, my plan:

The Plan

  1. Blog More I’m going to start a new series, of sorts. I’m going to start an Engineer Notebook, tidbits of information I’ve discovered and/or found useful and I want to share. The entries will start with ‘NTS:’ -> which stands for Note To Self. 2. Read More There are a few blogs that I need to go back and start paying attention to, like Daigle’s blog. I have a few PDFs and books I need to read and continue reading. I also plan to continue my online CS reading list, albeit not as high a priority. 3 Listen More Like the blogs and books there are a few podcasts I should be listening to; there’s the Rails Envy podcast, the Railscast podcast. 4. Do More I’m going to write a b-billion small Rails apps and keep them on my local machine. Right now I’m not sure what kind of apps I’m going to write.As much as I love Smalltalk, I feel right now it makes more sense to pursue a career in Ruby on Rails. Smalltalk still holds a special place in my heart, always will. Looks like I’ll get there through Ruby.

I welcome your suggestions as well.