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TextMate, Leopard, Rspec...oh My...

In Conclusion

The end of the story is that I should wipe my drive, reinstall Leopard, and build what’s missing in my development environment; reinstalling all the ‘soft’ items too (and by soft I mean: applications, documents, music, movies, and pictures)

TextMate and Rspec

While I was doing straight Ruby coding, using Rspec for my tests, TextMate was my friend. It was fun, worked a charm. However, while doing some Rails work I kept getting this bizarre error about not having Rails 2.0.2 installed. Huh? I most certainly do!.After I commented out RAILS_GEM_VERSION in environment.rb I finally figured out why it wasn’t working: TextMate was using Ruby shipped with Leopard and that version didn’t have Rails 2.0.2 installed.Yikes! Now what?I first went to the Rspec TM page and found this tidbit of info:You may also have to set your TM_RUBY environment variable in TextMate’s preferences to point to your ruby executable.You can also tell RSpec.tmbundle to use a particular RSpec (the library) at a particular location on your filesystem. Just define the TM_RSPEC_HOME environment variable in TextMate’s preferences. This should point to the your working copy’s rspec directory.So I updated my TextMate preferences, adding TM_RUBY and TM_RSPEC_HOME and Viola’ All is well and happy in the land.

The Cause?

I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard - just an upgrade - not a wipe and reinstall. And on Tiger I had installed Ruby from MacPorts and everything (minus TextMate until recently) was configured to look for Ruby in /opt/local.

I got some good advice last night: sudo port uninstal ruby. Looks like I’ll be planning some changes to my development environment.