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Whoa! Where Did the Time Go...

A lot has happened since my last post: Gary Gygax died, (I’m linking to Wil Wheaton’s blog entry since it struck a chord with me), I’m learning Git (I know! About time, huh?), and I’ve been looking at Ruby Waves.

Back in the day I used to play D&D. In fact my first program was a dice-rolling application for my Vic20. I could roll-up some characters quickly. Crazy fun! I played until my early 20’s; after that I only played once. I hope Gary understood his influence. He changed many lives.

And onto Git: Thanks to a friend I now have a GitHub account. However I also have a Gitorious account. What can I say I signed up before I was told to get a GitHub account. It’s all new to me right now; exciting times! I have a long history with CVS and Subversion so I’m not new to SCM. It feels good learning something new.

However a heavy influencer in my getting some Git knowledge is Ruby Waves, a new (some would say next gen) Ruby web framework. It appears to be mostly glue around other open source offerings but that’s cool too. I like it now and plan to develop an application or two in it before giving my ‘official’ review.