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Why Is My Partner a Monkey With Cymbols?

Obie Fernandez has an awesome post about Pair Programming at Hashrocket. You should go read it…Now…What’s neat is that I was fortunate enough to have participated in a bit of that Pairing Experience. A few months ago I was invited to come to JAX for a week-long interview. The timing wasn’t right but the experience is one that I won’t soon forget and I often brag about it. Thanks Obie and Team! L4rk, I’m looking right at you!Back when the team was small I had the opportunity to pair with Obie and Desi. Before then I hadn’t really experienced pairing. And, regrettably and quite honestly, I feel I probably didn’t take advantage of it like I would today. I was suffering a bit of the Rock Star syndrome, doubting I had the gusto to be there. What struck me was how quickly ideas flow back and forth. I imagine veteran Pairers can finish each others ‘coding’ sentences. It can be almost symbiotic. What was also cool was, back then anyways, you didn’t Pair with one person - you had an opportunity to Pair with each team member, provided the skills and experience matched up. That was cool! However, for me, what I enjoyed most about it was the social aspect. And I’m sure those who know me are probably thinking, “Yep, I knew he’d say that.”Now that I’m a solo freelancer, working primarily out of my home, I miss the social aspect of ‘work’. I don’t have the opportunity to Pair Program in the real sense. Yes I can do it virtually but it loses something in the translation. In my opinion Pair Programming is about energy, the connection two individuals make to produce something greater then doing it solo. I miss that. I miss the social aspect of that too; the free flow of energy as ideas coalesce into beautiful code. The neat thing about Pairing is that you really feel connected to the Team, a valuable and viable contributor; there’s no place to hide.Pairing isn’t for everyone. Everybody has a different working style. Just as everyone has a different learning style. I particularly enjoyed my experience. I’d welcome the opportunity to do it again. I encourage you to try it at least twice! ;-)Cheers!