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Before I went solo I did a lot of reading on running a business. However I still do a lot of reading and I’ve found Freelance Switch to be invaluable.There is a ton of information on the site, ready for consumption. I know they’re not the only play in town. But for me I’ve found a lot of useful information. And now I’ve gotten free business cards from them.As freelancer on a budget I have to be careful what monies I spend on the business and what monies I spend else where (read: the family). I’ve always been frugal where computers and technology are concerned. I give free solutions the initial go round, buying a commercial option if it’s clearly the superior solution; TextMate comes to mind, as well as my MacBook. As a business owner, as a freelancer trying to establish his brand, I’ve been painfully aware that in the business cards department I’ve been sorely deficient. Well, no longer, thanks to Freelance Switch.While I was reading some documentation on CakePHP, I received an Twitter updated from @freelanceswitch. It read: First Come First Served Giveaway: 15 x 50 Business Cards Up For Grabs!
There was a link included and I quickly clicked on it. I think too quickly because I went through the process of designing my business card and there was no discount applied. :-( However, the 2d time through saw the discount applied. Hurray!So, in about 2 weeks I’ll have some new business cards for Juicy Parts Software from, thanks to Freelance Switch. I can’t recommend Freelance Switch enough, and now that I’m getting free stuff from them (ok, just this one time, but you know what i mean…).Visit the site! I have a feeling regardless of your Freelancing experience level, be it beginner or seasoned veteran, there’s something there for you.Cheers!