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Have You Seen WeewarSpy Web?

Just some quick screen shots of a Sinatra App I use to Spy on my Weewar Games:

Main Page

Main PageThe Main Page displays your Weewar handle, the server with which the Spy is communicating, and a list of your Active Games. The Units and Terrains Buttons offer quick access to those specific pages on the Weewar Wiki

Game Page

Game PageThe Game Page displays the details of the selected game. It displays the Spy’s debrief. As a convenience you will see, in bold, whether or not the selected game is rated. Plus, when it is your turn the View Game button turns into Play Game; the button links to the selected game on Weewar. The Game Page also has the Units and Terrains Buttons, as well as a button back to the Main Page, labeled Headquaters

Short, sweet and to the point!


You can get WeewarSpy Web off of Github: It’s a fork, of course, and you’re welcome to fork mine too. I have a couple more features planned for it, but the basics are there. Enjoy!

Happy Spying!