Get Off My Lawn

Adventures of a Curmudgeon

Has It Been One Year Already?

Actually, it’s been 1 year and 1 week. I’m still Freelancing!


I’ve been fortunate to remain working in these tough times. For that I’m very thankful to my clients. And I’m still doing Ruby on Rails and PHP. I’ve even done a bit of C++.

The 2d Half

I have to say the back 6-months of my year wasn’t nearly as exciting as the front 6-months. It was mostly due to the fact I only had two main clients. For me having two concurrent clients is just right, stress and work-level-wise; not to mention the paperwork load. But I also stepped up my involvement the CVREG and now I’m main organizer. It’s been very exciting running the CVREG - but that’s another post.

Anything New?

I still have a lot to learn. Good thing I love learning. However I think the most important lesson I learned over my first year is: I love Freelancing. It’s still a lot of work; I haven’t automated as much as I want or need.

Dark Cloud?

Right now the only dark cloud in my silver lining is Medical Benefits. I’m looking at my options and not liking what I see. Wish me luck.

What Now?

So I’m going to persevere, improve my skills, and continue to create good work. Plus, if you need a top-notch developer for one of your projects, we should talk. ;-)