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Before I started the transfer of my wordpress site to here, I found a couple resources I thought I should save:

I’m still reading through the first site. However, using it and the 2d site I was able to import the majority of my old posts into my new blog. I had some trouble at first, trying to follow the directions of the migration process. In the end here’s a summary of what I did:

  • Export my wordpress site into a wordpress.xml file. Sign into wordpress and bring up the source blog’s dashboard. There’s a Tools option, select it and then select Export; pick the free option and follow the directions.
  • Create my _import directory. Because I’m using Octopress, I created this directory in the source directory.
  • Download downmark_it.rb. This is referenced in the 1st site as a way to have markdwon files instead of html files after the import.
  • Copy wordpressdotcom.rb into the _import directory. This is because we have an XML file.
  • Modify wordpressdotcom.rb to use downmark_it.rb and to correctly set categories. I’ll provide a Gist.

The resulting markdown files still have some formatting issues. I have to go through and correct each one. However, because of the export process, I was able to import my pages and a few attachments. Right now I have no plans on using them.

Over the next couple of days I plan on fixing the formatting issues and getting more familiar with Octopress and its capabilities.