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Comments: Enabled

Scratch one off the list; comments are now enabled on this site!

Octopress makes it very easy to integrate Disqus! into your blog: you just need the short_name. From start to finish it took me, roughly, 15m to enable comments.

First, I signed up for a Disqus! account; they’re free. Unfortunately, my initial short_name was already taken. I changed it to what this site will eventually become. I then enabled all the options I could.

Second, I signed up for an Akisment account because Disqus! offers Akisment integration. For personal blogs you can use Akisment for Free. With API Key in hand, I completed my Disqus! configuration.

Now, it is at this point I preview my site locally and beam, ear-to-ear upon seeing the Comments section. I deploy my site and verify that, indeed, folks can add comments; I add the first comment.

Then I start filling out my Disqus! profile, enabling services, changing my profile picture, following some folks. And I thought: Blog about enabling comments on your blog!