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Coder Talk

My friend Joey Beninghove started this weekly Developer Chat called Coder Talk. I tried getting on the very first session but my laptop decided to be mean; it was an excellent session on Cucumber and TDD. You’re going to have to trust me on this one because, unfortunately, the session wasn’t recorded.

But every session since then has been recorded, edited, and made available for listening; including tonight’s session on which I was able to join. Visit the site to get information on downloading previous sessions and joining the conversation.

Rails 3.1 Assest Pipeline

Disclaimer: I knew next to nothing about the pipeline before tonight’s session.

Because I still have Rails 2.x projects and my Rails 3.0 projects are not in production, I was not able to contribute during this part of the talk. However, from the conversation, I learned a lot; I feel I’ll be better prepared when I start using it.

To me, and I’m probably wrong and over simplifying and wrongly over simplifying, but to me it sounds like a mini-CDN embedded into my Rails app that should be behind a caching solution. But I could be wrong.

Upgrading Applications

This is a classic problem. ‘nuff said.

Splitting up your application

We had a quick chat on splitting up your application into more managable pieces, with a slant towards easier upgrading.

There was mention of needing Rails to make this easier but that position was contested, stating it’s more an architectural issue than a web framework issue.

There was a general consensus that Security makes the implementation of this application segmenting difficult, if not impossible. However, Engines was presented as a possible solution.

And as far as architecture goes: implementations can be realized either with a server-per-application-function or a port-per-application-function; and there may be something in-between or quite different all together. Regardless which architecture is selected, care must be taken when splitting up an applicaiton.

Hope to return

I hope I was able to contribute to the conversation. I had fun and would like to join in next week’s chat. And, while I had planned on doing some billable work, I’m very happy Joey called me.