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Missing in Action

While Octopress makes it easier to blog (at least for me anyways), you still need the willpower, discipline, routine, etc, to keep it going.

Right now I’m struggling with what information I want to talk (blog) about here. Is this strictly a personal blog? Will I also blog about work-related topics here? More than likely it will be a combination of the two.

I do have plans of building out as my business site and it will also have a blog that will be strictly work- and technology-related. On this site, I’ll have both.

So what have I been up to since I last blogged? Oh yeah, I did get some feedback on my Octopress requests; more on that later.

As is par for the course I’ve been busy. Busy with Family, Clients, and CVREG. I’ve also started helping out more with Noah’s Scout Pack. Then Heather recently had knee surgery and, because she can’t drive yet, I’ve been driving the kids to work, school, events, etc.

Client work has been steady and piling up. I received some news about a product I built; it’s both exciting and nerve racking.

But at the end of the day I feel like I’m going in a hundred different directions all at once. It’s hard to blog under those conditions.

Ok. Enough whining. Chat ya later…