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RubyNation 2012

I’m back at RubyNation again; 3rd year in a row for what I feel is the best regional conference out there. But I’m biased. Why am I writing this blog post? Well, I briefly thought about ‘in-conference’ blogging. When I say ‘briefly’ I mean for about 3 nanoseconds. For me it’s difficult to concentrate on the presentation while either taking notes or creating the blog post; I can’t multitask.

However, I still wanted to let folks know about this awesome conference.

Why RubyNation?

First, it’s a well run conference: there’s always time between sessions, the food is always good and the snacks are always delicious. Couple that with near endless coffee and you can probably tell why I think it’s a great conference.

Second, there is always a plethora of fantastic talks and stellar presenters. Without fail, RubyNation is able to attract big name folks for the keynotes. It’s quite impressive.

Third, location. I mean, Reston VA is quite close for me and Dulles is right down the street. DC as the backdrop is also attractive for those able to spend a couple extra days sight-seeing.

RubyNation 2012

What’s the theme this year? Well, it seems like a huge focus on front-end, client-side development and evented, asynchronous computing. Though I’m interested in the evented stuff, I’m really interested in the front-end stuff. I’m really digging the talks covering Backbone.js, Spine.js, HTML5, CSS/SASS/Compass, Mobile Development, JQuery Mobile. All of that on the First day!

Tomorrow promises to be equally awesome.