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BF3Stats & an Idea

BF3Stats is a wonderful website that is part of a group of websites that track gaming statistics for various video games, one of which is Battlefield 3! And, since getting involved with Battlefield 3, I’ve discovered a lot of folks routinely use BF3Stats. In fact, Better Battlelog, a browser extension that enhances Battlefield’s Battlelog, utilizes BF3Stats for many of its features.

If you love numbers and stats, you’ll love this website.

“But wait! There’s more!”

BF3Stats’ Public API

Not only can you track your progress on their website; not only can you track a set of players’ progress, as well; BF3Stats has an API that anyone can use. In fact, I learned about BF3Stats from the Android App: Battlefield BF3 Stats. (As part of the ‘agreement’ for using the API, they request you sport a ‘powered by’ label on your app and/or website)

So I started to explore their API and found it short on examples. le sigh But my little bit of exploration got my wheels turning.

Quick Tangent

The images on my ’Battlefield’ page, here, is actually supplied/generated by BF3Stats. There’s a way to create these signature images that integrate your stats into the image using the API (I’m sure). Actually, I don’t know how it’s done and I’m not really all that interested in learning how (at least not yet).

Trillion Dollar Idea

Well, don’t expect to learn about my idea just yet. For those that know me, I have too many interests and not enough time. However, for this one, I feel confident I’ll be able to produce something sustainable and, dare I say, popular; hopefully popular with the Battlefield 3 audience.

My overarching goal is to build an Android App that uses BF3Stats but not like the current set of apps. I have a strong need/desire to be different.

Right now I’m completely in the vision/prototyping stage. I have a ton of research to perform to make sure I can achieve my goals. I’ll post more as I get going. I’m hoping to be able to also post my API usages, to serve as examples/tutorials for other folks getting started with BF3Stats. Of course, Ruby will be my language of choice!

Stay Tuned.