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Personal Project - Post 1

I’m going to start building my personal project and I thought I’d share a few details about it.

First, it’s going to be written in Ruby (of course).

Second, it’s going to be built using Padrino. The initial website is going to be small and I don’t need everything that comes with Rails. I first thought of Sinatra, but then I remembered hearing about Padrino. I started reading the Guides and became excited at the prospect of building a website with it.

Third, largely because of Padrio, I’m going to use Sequel as my ORM. For my initial implementation (or so I’m planning) my Postgres database will just be a place to hold JSON data. While I do have relationships within the structure of the JSON, I’m not going to persist them.

Fourth, I hope to regularly blog about my adventures. Although I didn’t document my research phrase, I do/did plan on documenting the construction phase. I’ll get into more details as the implementation progresses.

Project Vision

Ok, I think it’s time I shared a little bit about the project. My goal is to construct an application to help Battlefield 3 players “level up” through the ranks, the classes, and the myriad unlocks for weapons and vehicles.

There’s a fabulous stats site, as well as Battlefield’s Battlelog and even their in-game progress tracking. My site, in presenting the stats data in a slightly different manner, aims to compliment those resources.

Also, if all goes well, there’s even a mobile version planned. In fact, the mobile version was to be implemented first until I thought, “let’s make this a website first to test the theory.”

Look for Post 2 in the coming weeks.